Côte d’Ivoire has implemented many regulations to improve the business climate, particularly through the tax system. In this context, the government chooses to apply appropriate charges to let foreign investors thrive in their projects.

Since 2012, Côte d’Ivoire has restored its economy by improving the business climate by encouraging private investment thanks to the support of technical partners, especially the World Bank.

The following are regulations applied to foreign investors:
  • Smooth tax payments by setting up a simple and fun online management system for users
  • A tax reduction for businesses.
  • A revised property tax on lands, and by reducing the corporate tax rate.
  • A shrink in tax rates of corporate income and on insurance contracts.
Among the business improvement process, the government has introduced the following measures:
  • 24 hours business opening for only 15,000 Fr CFA ($26)
  • Obtaining construction permit within 26 days
  • Tax and duties payments
Investor security

Since 2012, with the support of technical partners, in particular the World Bank through the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Ivorian Government has been committed to improve business climate through several regulations of the macroeconomic framework and the sectoral framework of activities.

Doing business is a benchmark of the World Bank that assesses regulations applicable to private sector companies, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises, over the 11 stages of their life cycle.