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Priority Projects
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Priority Projects
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As part of its economic recovery and the revitalization of its assets, Côte d’Ivoire has set a bold objective and aims to reach the status of an emerging country by 2025. Thus, the Ivorian Government has developed successively the National Development Plans (2012-2015; 2016-2020; 2021-2025).

Its implementation has enabled the Ivorian economy to experience a string economic growth and restore the confidence of national and international investors.

The execution of the NDP, which mobilizes approximately 59 billion CFA francs, relies on foreign investments. Its macro-economic outlook for the period 2021-2025 plans to raise from private investments the amount of 43 694 billion FCFA. In this context, the NDP promotes priority projects of the various ministries in need of fundings. 

Those projects vary and come from several sectors such as infrastructure, real estate, agriculture. For more information, please contact the SPECI;

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