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The Prosper Africa​
The Prosper Africa​
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In this context, the private sector must seek funding for the effective implementation of projects in need of funds.


There are three other segments of healthcare SMEs that are ready for investment.

The health sector faces several challenges, which are the following:
  • Improving people’s access to quality medicines
  • Establishing or strengthening medical infrastructures
  • Better social coverage; (as a result, in 2019, the Universal Health Coverage was established)

Clinics with high growth potential

clinics with potential to transform into polyclinics or hospitals. For this, a minimum investment of $100,000 would be required.

Medical and paramedical offices

This segment constitutes the largest number of SMEs in the health sector and is in constant need of formal financing. This financing represents a great social impact since it provides a vital primary care for the underserved community.

Wholesalers of both pharmaceutical products and medical equipment

Increasing lending in this segment will have a multiplier effect since it allows companies to offer additional supply chain financing to their customers.

In terms of infrastructure, Cote d’Ivoire currently has more than 4,000 health infrastructures. The 2021- 2025 National Health Development Plan includes the construction of infrastructures, In particular a trauma center and a University Hospital Center (CHU).

Based on a study, it is estimated that the unexploited private health sector market represents nearly $50-100 million are unexploited